Technology Careers aims to be the recruitment provider of choice for Technology specialists and Technology based businesses. Our Head Office is in Hong Kong, with resources throughout Asia, we provide a full range of recruitment solutions for in-house Information Technology professionals, Technology Vendors and Technology Consulting Firms.

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Technology Careers understand that while the effective use of IT is core to a successful business today, it is the people who make a difference. Our goal is to help you find and choose the right staff, and helping you as a candidate choose the right career, in a competitive market for resource and talent.

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Whether you are a potential candidate considering a career change or a potential client looking for skills and experience to add value to your business, the process starts at understanding your options. To understand what these options are contact us for an initial discussion.


“Having been with the same company for 14 years, I found it hard to switch from being an interviewer to being a candidate. Technology Careers helped me refine my resume and coached me through the interview process so the interviewer could see my real competencies and management ability, not just my Technical knowledge and project history“

Eddie Kwok, Project Manager